It was a most enjoyable read and I can recommend it to people of all ages 16 July 2014

By Trevor Dunford

I started to read this most charming story with some trepidation. I am not a young man so I thought it would not suit at all but, surprise, surprise I read it cover to cover in a very short time. I found it imaginative, well written and very charming and it brought back memories of childhood innocence which I thought I had forgotten.
It was a most enjoyable read and I can recommend it to people of all ages.

An enjoyable read. Suitable for the younger reader. 15 Jun 2014

By Mr Patrick K OMara

This is quite an enjoyable read. The good guys win, the bad guys lose however there's no gore hence this is very suitable for the younger reader. There's also a sublime message of "good behaviour" hence "please" and "thank you" are in evidence (and not taken for granted) plus there are references to ecological and environmental issues. The names are quite clever, hence Elvish names begin with an "E", Fairy names with an "F", and Goblins with a "G". There's a lot of nice imagery and it becomes relatively easy to visualise the various locations. Overall, I think that this is a good first book in the series.

Fantastic Book - A must buy., 25 April 2014

By  InTutor UK 

Straight from the heart and imagination, inspiring kids of all ages and grown-ups alike.

Cant wait for the Dragon Flyers!!

An impressive read, 2 Dec 2013

By  LC 

Sometimes it's difficult to find suitable books to interest young girls, but this one is ideal. It's an unusual adventure but with believable, likeable and, above all, real characters you can relate to. In fact, the adventure really could be happening to you!

The story flows well and develops beautifully in an unhurried manner. The characters are well drawn so that we get to know their strengths and vulnerabilities and can share their emotions. The chapters are not too long (particularly useful for a bedtime read), with each leaving you wanting to find out what happens next, and the author uses wide-ranging vocabulary, particularly in the descriptive passages, which can only be of benefit to help extend the language skills of young readers. I really enjoyed reading this book and hope you do too!

Escape to Lizzie's world!, 18 Nov 2013

By  bryan clark 

A wonderful story, I really enjoyed escaping into Lizzie's world just an amazing book to read! Couldn't put it down

Great read, 12 Nov 2013

By  JA 

Do give this book a read even if you don't normally read fantasy books.

I bought this book mainly because the author is local to where I live and had already bought two copies for my great nieces. This is not my normal read, I do not do fantasy books, but I must say this was a great read. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and living the life of 'Lizzie' was exciting and endearing. I look forward to your next book Debbie. I have no doubt my great nieces will also love the read, which makes life nice a simple for Xmas presents next year, your next book will be on my shopping list.

Genki ga deru. Makes you peppy, 24 Oct 2013

By  seiichi tsuyuzaki 

Interesting story. I'm much concerned with little Lizzie. Hope she will manage well in both world.
Good luck to Debbie Daley. S.Tsuyuzaki, Japan

Great gift for 10 year olds, 21 Oct 2013

By  L. Duckworth "QuackQuack"

I got this book for 3 girls who were 10 - it's brilliant to be able to give something a little different and something more grown up. All 3 girls loved it! Highly recommended.

A Very Enjoyable read, 15 July 2013

By  Mr. M. Ellis (Surrey)

A very enjoyable read, I am not normally into this type of book and claim that I quite never manage to finish reading a book, however I enjoy this book so much that I read from cover to cover, well done Debbie. Are there any more in the pipeline??

he Harp adventure, 28 Jun 2013

By SMSykes

I really enjoyed this, it has all the elements of good against evil and I couldn't put it down because I wanted to know what happened next.

The characters are well drawn and the plot intriguing. There are touches of very subtle humour which made me chuckle and contrasted nicely with the references to the problems shared by the two worlds that Lizzie belongs to. Looking forward to reading volume 2!

Sheila M Sykes - York

The Harp of Elvyth, 14 May 2013

By  Brass

Well done Debs, although this is not the kind of book I usually read, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the next installment. Keep following your dream...... love Chris xxxxxxxx

A Wonderful Début, 26 April 2013

By Michael Chidgey

After having read 'The Harp of Elvyth' I can tell you one thing; I will be first in line for its sequel.

What I was most impressed by with this novel was the authors ability to walk the delicate line between exposition and plot, a virtue sought after by every book which announces itself as the first instalment of a series, or 'legacy.' The ending manages to come across as initially satisfactory whilst leaving enough long-term questions answered - real cliffhangers which will be more than enough to fuel the rest of the series. I have no doubt that the sequel will match up to the irresistible plot of this début. The story raises the term 'page-turner' from its age-old grave with no trouble at all, and the writing style reminded this reader of a Malorie Blackman writing children's fantasy - which of course reads brilliantly!

Overall, a really excellent novel - bring on the sequel!

An enchanting start to a promising Legacy, 25 April 2013

By Max

When you look at fantasy novels, one of the hardest challenges the author faces is to come up with something fresh and original. We've all seen rip-offs of various well known books, such as Harry Potter. This author has done a brilliant job in writing something which avoids the various clichés, and instead created a unique piece of literature that I am sure will become very successful.

With engaging characters and a beautifully described world, you really feel as if you are there in the thick of it all. A well-written and truly riveting story line, that keeps you turning the page to find out more. I found myself lying awake in bed saying 'just one more chapter...' before eventually reading several more until my eyes could no longer keep open.

The heroine Lizzie Longton finds herself thrown into an unknown world that will challenge her and push her to the limits, and on this journey she will discover more about herself and the new world she belongs to. There are some truly unique and beautiful characters and I cannot wait to see how they develop within the Legacy. Can the next book come out soon please?

Amazing, 28 Mar 2013

By Mrs Gina Carpenter

What an excellent book, gripped from start to finish. So detailed could picture everything. Would make an excellent film. Can't wait for the next book.

Elvish, 10 Mar 2013

By Fifi

Beautifully descriptive narrative of a young girl who has always been bullied and felt different, who finds where she belongs. An extremely imaginative and enjoyable read -looking forward to the next instalment ....

he Harp Of Elvyth, 25 Feb 2013

By MoniqueP

Amazing read could barely put it down. It was a real page turner. I found the characters very relatable. I can't wait for the next book to come out and see how all the characters develope. Thank you for writing such an INTRIGUING book and I will send you some more pictures of my interpretations of the characters!!!! :D

The Long Ears Legacy, 22 Jan 2013

By Kath J

Thoroughly enjoyed this book. A great story for children and adults alike. Couldn't wait to get to the last page and look forward to the next book.

Lizzie's Journey, 18 Jan 2013

By Madeleine Maycock

I gave this story a five star rating because I think it holds an important message for youngsters who would enjoy this genre. The story is about a young girl who is different from her peers and is bullied for it, but she finds out that incredibly, there is a different world where she belongs and where she can make a difference. The story is imaginative but believable as it mixes the mythological world with the real world. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the authors second book in The Long Ears Legacy!

Enchanting, and engaging., 17 Dec 2012

By natalie penney

Excellent read, could not put down, creative and imaginative. Can not wait for the next instalment. Elves and fairies unite and a human enters another realm. Enid Blyton, and JK Rowling rolled into one. A delight for adults and children alike.

Remarkably Assured, With a Compelling Heroine, February 16, 2013

By Pop Bop (Denver, Colorado United States)

(TOP 1000 REVIEWER)   

When you're discussing elves, mythical creatures, magic, portals and hidden worlds it's a bit hard to address "authenticity". But, regardless of the fantastical elements, your story really does need to be authentic. The eleven year old heroine has to sound and act like an eleven year old girl. School bullies have to be upsetting. Sadness and a stiff upper lip when your Dad doesn't contact you on your birthday have to be honestly presented and honestly felt - otherwise none of the fantasy parts matter.

This book does a stunning job of introducing, and making us care about, a lonely strange little girl and her loving, protective grandmother. And the girl, Lizzie, is a tremendously attractive character. She's sort of a cross between an idealized Disney Cinderella character and a normal eleven year old. So, she runs home with joy, hugs grandmother, feeds the birds in the garden and plays with her dogs. You can practically see Snow White dancing and patting the dwarfs on the head. But she is also excitable, lonely, unsophisticated and sometimes saddened by a sense of being different and, in a way, abandoned. What a great and interesting heroine. Spirit and prudence; hope and disappointment; love and loss; confidence and uncertainty - what complicated emotions and feelings to weave into a middle grade fantasy tale.

And Lizzie's adventures are related in a restrained and assured manner. By that I mean that there is no frantic hocus pocus, no rush to hurry up and get us amongst the fantasy creatures. The author takes the time to draw us in to Lizzie's story and to lay the foundation for her fantastic adventures. And along the way there are calm and observant grace notes that add depth and charm to the story. (For example, every book like this has the heroine being bullied at school. This is the first time I've read the school teacher's musings about how she'd like to actually catch and punish the malefactors. Every book has a strange invitation to a mysterious adventure. But here the scene in which Lizzie and her grandmother open and read the invitation to visit Elvedom Castle Hotel brims with excitement, caution and a certain wariness that seems very right. That's what I mean about the book having a certain groundedness that makes the fantasy that much more fun.) And, much of the writing is just touching or evocative, without being forced or overwritten. The description of the night when Lizzie was born and her mother died is simple, honest, direct and heartbreaking, without a touch of false emotion.

The upshot is that sometimes you get rip-roaring fantasy; sometimes you get elegant writing and craftsmanship. It is unusual to get both at once, and fantastic to find it tied up as nicely as this is. (For what it's worth, the Amazon site has the "Click to Look Inside" feature enabled for this book and the excerpt is quite lengthy. If you are at all interested, the sample will give you a very good sense of this book.)

good read, June 13, 2013

By Camille Berglund - USA


I wish this book was part of a series, I would read them all.

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