Long Ears Legacy © Debbie D Daley


Back home and faced with having to cope with her lonely life in Chislewick, Lizzie Longton is thrilled by an urgent summons to Elvedom.

Upon her arrival, she discovers that the dreaded Duke Eldorth and his evil sidekick, the slovenly witch Melisha, are still wreaking havoc. The pair have hidden another sacred relic, The Chalice of Elaria, somewhere far to the north of the realm. Lizzie, together with a select party of trusted companions, finds herself on a quest to retrieve the Chalice.

As she travels through Elvedom she makes amazing discoveries about her new world. In the Mountains of Snow Lizzie encounters the elves secret weapon that will aid her in her quest and finds herself on an adventure of a lifetime.

Will the secret weapon help Lizzie thwart Eldorth’s wicked plan to take control of Elvedom? And will Lizzie and her companions succeed in retrieving another sacred relic from his grasp?

Lizzie Longton meets Chaz Jackman on his first day at Markham High. He seems friendly enough, but there is something suspicious about him. Before Lizzie can find out more about this new boy in town, she’s off to Elvedom with her grandmother and Elwood for the summer holidays.

They are greeted by the sad news of the death of King Elfred’s friend and ally, King Fyodor. They travel to Fairlandre – the land of the fairies – to attend King Fyodor’s funeral and, while in this magical land, they learn of the whereabouts of a third sacred relic, the Spear of Eldwin.

With the help of her friends, Lizzie must now undertake a death-defying quest to retrieve the spear. Placed under a spell, they are transported to a place that they never thought possible and, with help from a band of Light Knights, they set out in search of the spear. Will Lizzie and her friends succeed? And if they do, can they make it safely back to Fairlandre and those they left behind?

Lizzie Longton and her grandmother are about to spend their first Christmas with Lizzie’s “other” family in the magical realm of Elvedom.

As preparations get underway, Lizzie is surprised by an unexpected visitor to Elvedom Castle. Elstar Ribbonbow has been stranded in Elvedom and must get back home. But home is a long way away from Elvedom Castle for Elstar lives at the North Pole.

Accompanied by her friends - the sorcerer’s apprentice Max, the elves Elrus and Elwood, and her aunt Elenya - Lizzie sets off with Elstar on a quest across the frozen north to reach the North Pole in time for Christmas.

Join Lizzie and her friends on this magical Christmas adventure.

A novelette suitable for children (and elves) of all ages.